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Love Less. Like More.

  1. because you’ve thought about it for more than a second

  2. because you can defend it

  3. because you’ve experienced itYour days will mostly be filled with things you need to like and be at peace with, rather than the things you say you love and start a revolution for. Love is sporadic. Like is consistent. Love is what starts any number of projects you have, but like is what will take you through to the finish line. Love takes the first dramatic bite, but like finishes the cookie. By all means, know what you stand for, care passionately, and follow your gut, but don’t jump from loving one thing to the next simply so you can be the loudest or the most radical. If you’re expecting to love something everyday, you’re going to crash and burn eventually. If you can live with it, push forward, learn, question and struggle but still like it enough each day, success will find its way in the end. Got anything in your life that you need to love less and like more?


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