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Double your free time.
Do the things you say.
Live a life you'll enjoy talking about when you're old and gray.

(No, seriously.)

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Double Your Free Time

The 5 Secrets To Getting More White Space On Your Calendar

By day, I'm a financial advisor, helping my clients architect their lives, so their finances can help them live on purpose.


I've always been hell bent on getting people to do the things they say they want to do, whether through my writing, speaking, coaching, networking, or advising. One thing I've learned in life and business is that unsuccessful people are mired in excuses and overwhelm. Successful people have found a way to prioritize the discomfort of actually doing something.

My writings are dispatches from those "front lines of do." Sometimes it's about creativity, sometimes it's about accountability, and sometimes it's about parenthood. 

There will be insights. There will be unheard of analogies (having more substance than a landscape photo with a quote on it); giving you a nudge to inspire action, or a nod to let you know you're not alone.


Because cash and fame are no good, if you’re one day closer to the loony bin. Amirite? Savvy? Capiche? D'accord? Entiendes?

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