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Double your free time.
Do the things you say.
Live a life you'll enjoy talking about when you're old and gray.

(No, seriously.)

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Double Your Free Time

The 5 Secrets To Getting More White Space On Your Calendar

Mad you haven’t conveniently gotten to the one thing that’s most important? Think: businesses to be built, books to be written, new clients to be wooed (or naps to take).


Unsuccessful people are mired in excuses and overwhelm. Successful people have found a way to prioritize the discomfort of actually doing something.

I give no frills advice for creators and side hustlers whose lack of progress has reached DEFCON 1 (that's bad, btw).


I promise, my goodies from the finisher's toolkit will have more substance than a landscape photo with a quote on it.

There will be insights. There will be unheard of analogies. All with the intent of getting more time for you, more money in your pocket, more projects in your rear view mirror, and more brain space to get up everyday and do it all over again.


Because cash and fame are no good, if you’re one day closer to the loony bin. Amirite? Savvy? Capiche? D'accord? Entiendes?

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