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Embark on a certified adventure.

This journey around almost half the earth really happened! Think of this montage as the trailer for the book.

PRaise For BOrders, Bandits, And Baby Wipes

“A hilarious, tireless, and courageous look into what it is to be a modern-day explorer on the adventure of a lifetime. Bassam Tarazi has an uncanny ability to put you right there in the moment with him, as if you were sitting shotgun.”

—Michael Kirtley, National Geographic, Time, Newsweek


From The Back Cover

Inspired and challenged by his quests of “getting there,” Bassam Tarazi and two friends signed on for the infamous Mongol Rally, a nearly 10,000-mile road trip from London to Mongolia, through terrain that would make a mountain goat’s knees buckle, in a vehicle that was little more than a go-kart.


Borders, Bandits, and Baby Wipes is Tarazi’s incredible tale of what comes with life on the go and off the map. It's a dive into cultures and cop cars, big thoughts and melt downs, and what it means to be human while covered in a constant sheen of awe and grime. 


It's is a story about the kind of adventures we all said we’d have one day but never do. It’s about a world beyond our expectations, and of our place in it.

Book Can Be Found Here

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