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Ready. Set. Finish. is now evergreen!

That's right. The course that's moving creators of all kinds from "Here's what I want to do," to "Here's what I did," is available to you in full, right now.


Ready. Set. Finish. is a step-by-step framework that will guide you past indecision and overwhelm in your creative pursuits, into the land of clarity, progress, and something to celebrate.

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    “Bassam has created one of, if not the most practical courses I've ever taken. He brings a playful, light-hearted approach to getting sh!t done that is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the productivity space. If you're a creative (that's all of us), this should be required learning. Even if, like me, you think you already know everything there is to know about personal productivity, I promise you will take so much away from this course." 

    Bryan Teare; Coach, Speaker

    RSF is a right fit if

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    You’re someone who has moves to make and something to give. You may not be looking to change the world but you’re looking to change your luck. Trouble is, right now you can’t seem to get to the one thing that’s most important. 

    You’re sick of being scared.

    You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed.

    You’re dying to finish something.

    Whether you're 

    1) An amateur creator oversaturated with inspiration. In fact, if you see one more quote on a landscape photo you might have to punch yourself in the face. You hate how your ideas circle frantically in your mind but lay dormant to the world.  

    2) A 9-5er whose identity is closer to how you fill your time from 5-9. Trouble is, your creative life is a bin of half finished projects, and your motivations are more entangled than a ball of yarn. All this “do” hasn’t led to done, and frankly, you’re tired of it.

    3) Self-employed but pretty sure that just means that you should be self-medicated. You want real results with a side of sanity but right now you’re stretched thinner than a sheet of filo dough, and your kryptonite seems to be choice, change, and the chalk of the finish line.

    4) Or you’re some mixture of the above, paralyzed by your fears. You’d do anything to declutter the rat’s nest of doubts and excuses that litter your mind.

    Bassam is one of the most inspiring and energetic teachers I've ever learned from.

    He's lived everything he teaches, and he's one of those rare people who can combine data with emotional intelligence. He delivers the goods with the laughs."

    Antonio Neves; Best-selling author, Stop Living On Autopilot

    By the end of this program you will be able to...

    Make your day unfold in front of you 


    instead of plowing into you

    Articulate what actually motivates you


    so you can do the thing you say you want to do

    Identify and neutralize fears and excuses

    before they can infest your psyche and debilitate your "do"

    Disarm the 3 faces of imposter syndrome


    and avoid "death by research"

    Be “procrastination proof”


    by confidently creating pockets of time and space where you safely test and discover (without all the doubts and judgement)

    Break down bigger goals into digestible, purposeful steps

    so you don’t feel like you’re trying to hug a skyscraper every time you want to make progress

    Tackle the “Should I quit or stick?” conundrum


    that happens in the middle of any project

    Let go of the projects that aren’t serving you


    so you can focus on the ones that do

    Avoid self-sabotage


    right as you’re about to cross the finish line

    Get Ready. Set. Finish. today


    In short, you’ll stop telling everyone what you will do and start telling them what you’ve done, time and again.

    Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 5.00.51 PM.png

    Ready. Set. Finish. helped me create a mindset towards what I wanted to do next with my company before actually diving into it. I knew my motivations and I was better able to handle the roadblocks when they did come up. Take this class if you want to finish the things you start."

    Carla Contreras; Founder of The Poppy content Lab

    What's In This Course?

    Module 1 - On Prepping
    Module 1 - Thumbnail.jpg

    Stealing the “Measure twice, cut once” adage for our goals, we have “Prep twice, do once.” Why is preparing so important? Why can’t you “just do it”? Well, the same reason you can’t “just make a souffle” even if I gave you all the ingredients.

    Like a delicate dessert, our endeavors need not just a recipe, but preparation. Before we can be the lead actor/actress of our lives, we have to be its sous chef. 

    Believe me, as someone who has started from a blank slate of countless future finishes, it was the work before the work that set me up for the road ahead. 

    We’ll start with what goals do to our minds and how by just saying them we’re already facing an uphill battle. Then we’ll move to what I call “The Periodic Table Of Motivation.” What drives us much more complex than simply intrinsic and extrinsic. 

    After that, we’re going to talk about how not all goals are created equal and how two people can want the exact same thing, but be using different mental scripts and finish lines for success.

    We’ll then face your fears and excuses head on, not for a Sharks vs. The Jets duel like West Side Story but more of a meet and greet between two dysfunctional teams. You’re never going to extinguish your fears, but there is a better way to communicate with them. You’ll learn how all our fears can be wrapped up into one word and how to harness that word to your advantage. 

    Lastly, you’ll discover how to free yourself from the weight of your goal so you can be nimble enough to move forward.

    Module 1 Highlights

    Find out where you fall on the “Periodic Table Of Motivation” and what that location means for the chances of you reaching your goal

    You’ll learn why any goal should have two drivers (one push, one pull) to get you to where you want to go

    You’ll meet the Murderer’s Row of fears and excuses, but then you won’t even blink as you go through the “Apocalypse Scenario.” You’ll not only know the escape route if failure does come your way, but you’ll already have your blueprints for any rebuilds

    Module 2 - On Starting
    Module 2 - Thumbnail.jpg

    Starting sounds easy (see: New Year’s Resolutions), but it’s not (see: New Year’s Resolutions one month later). Because it’s not really about starting, it’s about sustaining. It’s about momentum.

    And momentum needs to rid itself of doubts and distractions so it can focus.

    That’s what we’ll tackle in Module 2.

    We’ll start with understanding that our wants and goals camouflage layers of work right underneath our stated desires.


    For instance “write a book” is hiding tens of mini tasks below its crust. Our brains secretly know that. It’s this knowledge that ends up clogging our progress and halting momentum. 

    We’ll learn how to clear—and consciously back burner—this future work so we can single-task in peace.

    Next, we’ll discover how to plan our day and place checkpoints on our path to guarantee we’re working on the “right” thing, even as we face new challenges we couldn’t have predicted from the start. 

    Module 2 Highlights

    You’ll harness the power of owning your verbs and have complete confidence you’re working on what you’re supposed to be doing

    You’ll have the tools and moxie to dedicate at least 30 focused hours of work towards your goal over the next 30 days

    You’ll figure out how to not let the audacity of your goal keep you from making daily progress and sustaining momentum

    Module 3 - Fears & Excuses
    Module 3 - Thumbnail.jpg

    In the beginning of any endeavor our fears and excuses can freeze us in place like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, so we need a whole module to tackle three of our biggest paralyzers. 


    We’ll start our battle with the Thief of Time, the invisible foe who steals our minutes through various hijinx. You’ll learn how to identify when its grubby paws are snatching at your day, and you’ll be able to carve out never before seen pockets of zen for you and your “do.”


    Next, we’ll be introduced to a new version of the imposter who shows up prior to us even starting; the one who tells us that we don’t know enough to start. You’ll find out how to deal with the two thoughts: I don’t know enough yet, and, I won’t know enough ever. 


    For our final duel, we’ll go toe to toe with that insidious version of the perfectionist who has the gall to show up and tell us that we’re not ready to start because the timing isn’t right.

    Module 3 Highlights

    Answer the 8 questions to move past the feeling of not not knowing enough yet, and the 8 questions to wriggle free of feeling like you won’t know enough ever

    You’ll have a plan to keep “death by research” off your autopsy report

    The four-part checklist to turn “waiting for the right time” into “ain’t no better time than now”

    Module 4 - On Middling
    Module 4 - Thumbnail.jpg

    At some point of every project we’ve all faced legendary bouts of procrastination and indecision. We’ve sighed more times than we can count, we’ve woe-is-me’d and this-isn’t-working to our friends over bottles of whiskey and wine. This creative stagnation makes us wonder if our project needs a triple-bypass or a grenade. 


    Welcome to Module 4, the four horsemen of the middle of your project.


    They are: I Have Creator’s Block, This Isn’t Moving Fast Enough, This Isn’t Fun Anymore and I’m Burnt Out


    Through some deft translating and questioning we can find out if this quartet are holograms or if they’re real and need to be dealt with. 


    Finally, you’ll learn how to face the ultimate “Should I quit this or should I stick with it?” question without an impending sense of regret expanding in your chest.

    Module 4 Highlights

    Figure out what procrastination actually is and why it’s happening (hint: It’s not that you don’t want to do the work)

    Understand what each of the four horsemen are really saying (hint: you don’t actually have creator’s block). Knowing what’s behind the mask of all four gives you the power and control to move past them

    Get a straight answer to the “Should I quit or stick?” conundrum by going through a four-part checklist (fact: none of these steps include shaking a magic 8-ball). This checklist can be used at any time, on various projects in life. It will give you confidence that whatever decision you make will be the right decision

    Module 5 - On Finishing
    Module 5 - Thumbnail.jpg

    Whether presentations, proposals, pitches, speeches, events, launches or otherwise, “done” can be an elusive muse. Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you.


    I know what it’s like to spend hundreds of hours working on the thing you’ve said you wanted to do, only to duel with the saboteur of your own desires at the finish line. 


    Together, we’ll conquer the final bosses of fear to move you from prepping to launched, from tweaking to shipped, from doing to done. 


    After all, finishing isn’t just a choice, it’s a skill.

    Module 5 Highlights

    Get clear on how to handle the fear of being let down. Expectations can be an SOB, but they don’t have make you feel DOA when you get to “done.”

    Discover how to keep the wrench of "what’s next" out of the spokes of "what’s right now." Finish lines can beget new starting lines, but you’ll figure out how to run through the tape of your current race at full speed

    Know how to keep the fear of emptiness from yanking at your focus in the 11th hour. Sometimes finish lines feel like closure, but you’ll have the insight to trust that there is no ending, only opportunity

    Grant Lannin Photo_edited.jpg

    Grant L.

    There are a lot of people out there promising results with their courses, but nothing made more sense than Ready. Set. Finish. Bassam never hides the fact that our goals and projects take work, but it’s how he structures the approach that was so revolutionary and refreshing.

    Nadia D Headshot.jpeg

    Nadia D.

    If you have a dream that you’ve been sitting on, too scared to make the first move, or if you tend to procrastinate or not finish things that you start, this course will change your life.

    Jennifer Macdonald.jpg

    Jennifer M.

    Ready. Set. Finish. helped put me in touch with what’s really important to me and why. Doing a deep dive into my motivation helped personalize my TEDx audition in a way that resonated and, ultimately, got me a coveted speaker slot.

    Get Ready. Set. Finish. today



    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I’m going to have to do once in this course. Are you sure I can do this? Does a 10 pound bag of flour make a big biscuit? Short answer: Yes! I can empathize though. If you’re a serial starter or a chronic procrastinator, this course might feel like another project! How can you finish this course if you can’t finish your projects? Glad you asked. The good news is that this course is specifically broken down in bite-sized chunks; each lesson averaging around 7.5 minutes. More good news is that if you’re down here on the sales page reading this far, you’re itching for a change in how you approach the things you want to do. And that’s just it. RSF is more about reflection and strategy than it is about barreling into a new project aimless but guns a blazin’.

    Is the goal to have me actually finish one of my projects by the end of this course? No. I’m not promising that you’ll write a book, lose 15 pounds, or sign your first client in the next 30 days. The goal of RSF is to strip everything down to the studs so you can assess the structure of your dreams and how you approach your days. The hope is that—equipped with the tools and blueprints from this course—you can venture forward with confidence in all that you do, owning the mantra, “I am someone who repeatedly finishes.” Because make no mistake, finishing is a skill. That’s what we’re trying to hone here.

    Do I need to have a specific goal in mind in order to get the most out of this course? While RSF is certainly aimed at someone who has a thing they say they want to do, the modules can be digested by the “I don’t quite know what I want” camp. Reason being, the course is teaching a different way to think about goals in the first place. That kind of information is always useful to stockpile for when the time is right, or one or two lessons might be the spark that allows a goal to ignite. Furthermore, you might be someone who has big work projects to tackle but always find yourself bitching about it instead of starting it. There’s a better way to doing this work than careening into due dates over caffeinated and under-slept, howling bloody murder at the indignity of it all.

    What about ambiguous life goals? So you’re trying to be a better person? Spend more time with your kids? Live healthier? Work less? Good for you. These broad goals are actually a part of the course, because believe it or not, even our super specific I-want-to-write-a-book goals should be buttressed by something more ambiguous. We get into all that in Module 1!

    Still not sure?

    You should join Ready. Set. Finish. if you're motivated by any of the following:

    You want to finish something, like really badly

    Yeah, you have a good job and, most would say, a good life, but you also harbor a luminescence of pet projects or side hustles that have been half baked on the back burner for far too long

    Your job might be what you do, but it’s not who you are. It’s that spark that needs oxygen and space because you’re tired of thinking, “If only I had the time, if only the time was right, if only I had money, if only I knew how.”

    Years ago I wrote a short blog post that, to this day, is my most read piece. Its grand hypothesis: the one simple difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people finish sh!t. 


    I’ve had a circuitous life path but I’ve had one constant, I close the loop on my accountability. From nuclear engineering to mortgage banking, from construction management to change management. I’ve written books, given a TEDx Talk, taught courses, co-founded a film festival, spun up a multi-city networking movement, and spawned an international accelerator for entrepreneurs. 


    I have had some of the grandest adventures across all 7 continents and 75 countries. And I’ve done all this while having a full time job. 


    I say this not to smash a piece of pompous pie in your face, but to inspire you and let you know that finishing is simple once you know how. There’s plenty of cake to go around.


    More than anything I want to share that with you today.


    If you’re a serial starter, master procrastinator or a creator of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take the risk-free plunge to see what your life as a finisher looks like, to experience firsthand what it feels like to stop saying, “Here’s what I want to do,” and start saying, “Look what I just did.”


    Should you accept my invitation to be your guide on this journey, I personally guarantee you that this course will be completely life changing for you. 


    Ready, set...go!

    Bassam Smile.jpeg
    Bassam Signature.png

    Get Ready. Set. Finish. today


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