Ready. Set. Finish.

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    You’re someone who has moves to make and something to give. You may not be looking to change the world but you’re looking to change your luck. Trouble is, right now you can’t seem to get to the one thing that’s most important. 

    You’re sick of being scared.

    You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed.

    You’re dying to finish something.

    Whether you're 

    1) An amateur creator oversaturated with inspiration. In fact, if you see one more quote on a landscape photo you might have to punch yourself in the face. You hate how your ideas circle frantically in your mind but lay dormant to the world.  

    2) A 9-5er whose identity is closer to how you fill your time from 5-9. Trouble is, your creative life is a bin of half finished projects, and your motivations are more entangled than a ball of yarn. All this “do” hasn’t led to done, and frankly, you’re tired of it.

    3) Self-employed but pretty sure that just means that you should be self-medicated. You want real results with a side of sanity but right now you’re stretched thinner than a sheet of filo dough, and your kryptonite seems to be choice, change, and the chalk of the finish line.

    4) Or you’re some mixture of the above, paralyzed by your fears. You’d do anything to declutter the rat’s nest of doubts and excuses that litter your mind.

    Bassam is one of the most inspiring and energetic teachers I've ever learned from.

    He's lived everything he teaches, and he's one of those rare people who can combine data with  emotional intelligence. He delivers the goods with the laughs."

    Antonio Neves; Best-selling author, Stop Living On Autopilot

    By the end of this program you will be able to...

    Make your day unfold in front of you 


    instead of plowing into you

    Articulate what actually motivates you


    so you can do the thing you say you want to do

    Identify and neutralize fears and excuses

    before they can infest your psyche and debilitate your "do"

    Disarm the 3 faces of imposter syndrome


    and avoid "death by research"

    Be “procrastination proof”


    by confidently creating pockets of time and space where you safely test and discover (without all the doubts and judgement)

    Break down bigger goals into digestible, purposeful steps

    so you don’t feel like you’re trying to hug a skyscraper every time you want to make progress

    Tackle the “Should I quit or stick?” conundrum


    that happens in the middle of any project

    Let go of the projects that aren’t serving you


    so you can focus on the ones that do

    Avoid self-sabotage


    right as you’re about to cross the finish line

    In short, you’ll stop telling everyone what you will do and start telling them what you’ve done, time and again.

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    Ready. Set. Finish. helped me create a mindset towards what I wanted to do next with my company before actually diving into it. I knew my motivations and I was better able to handle the roadblocks when they did come up. Take this class if you want to finish the things you start."

    Carla Contreras; Founder of The Poppy content Lab