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A Declaration Of Interdependence

  1. I’m excited to be immersing myself in a collective soup of genius and curiosity over the next week

  2. I’m excited to meet people who I couldn’t imagine not knowing before this weekend

  3. I’m excited to make connections and  help people get through a rut I never knew they had before actually meeting them

  4. I’m excited to learn things I never knew I didn’t know from people I’ve never met

  5. I’m excited to remember that I’m not going about this life journey alone

  6. I’m excited to meet the "Bolders" and hopefully inspire them to be more accountable and to live more intentionally Always be a fan of those who inspire you. Always be learning from those around you but be sure to take a break from being busy and truly enjoy someone's company.

The independence of individual choice leads to on ever increasing interdependence of one another. Community and the shared experience is what we’re all striving for. If you’ve been indoors too long or if you haven’t rubbed shoulders with new people lately, let today be a reason to do so. Go to a meetup group, go to a new bar, go to a new park. Say hello to someone. You never know if that person might have the key to a problem you’ve been stumped with for weeks. Get lost in the people around you today (and this weekend). Hear their stories, chime in, laugh and be present,  Yes, America has its faults but today I'd like to admire the things that America does do right and the blank canvas it provides all of us who has a dream. I'm thankful for those men and women who created and fought for a country based on the idea that we all had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...together. What gave them the audacity to even think it was possible is beyond me, but I tip my hat to the unfathomable amount of endured hardships along the way. Wherever you are, let's raise glass to anyone, who by being brave, allowed us to independently chase our dreams, to tinker away at our hobbies and to find meaning in life beyond merely earning a buck. And let's be sure to celebrate this freedom by recognizing the joy that comes from experiencing this freedom collectively. If you’d like to inspire brave acts, we have 17 days left in our Fearless Living campaign. There are still early bird $100 spots left! If you haven't read the Declaration of Interdependence I wrote yet, you can do so here. What are your plans for this 4th of July?


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