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An Unruly Conference That Recharges Your Life

  1. Your experience here cannot be greater than your willingness to be vulnerable. - Brene Brown

  2. It’s more about your mission, not your medium. - Scott Belsky

  3. The path to the passionate life is much more complex than you think. Get good at something rare and valuable and then use that as leverage to create the life you want based on your interests. - Cal Newport There were so many amazing examples of against-the-grain success that I had to be diligent to absorb all of it one way or an other, lest the meniscus on top of my glass of water called "understanding" start to overflow. The weekend reminded me to continue living intentionally everyday and to make sure we deliberately throw ourselves into situations where everyone around us is exploring their own hike but a hike where we are all a little vulnerable. It’s so much easier that way. I already signed up for WDS 2013. I look forward to taking another pit-stop with the fellow unconventional hikers who will be looking to take a break, re-group and connect at that particular tea-house on the side of life's mountain next July.


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