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Everyone Else Can’t Be An Idiot

  1. Why is someone else ignoring you when if you do it, you say you were just waiting for an answer before you got back to them?

  2. Why is someone else a bitch, if when you do it you say you are tired and stressed?

  3. Why is someone else an idiot, if when you do it you simply say you misunderstood the question?

  4. Why is someone else an idiot when they simply might be lost and from out of town?

  5. Why is someone else an idiot or stupid if they don’t care about something as much as you do? If there weren’t two sides to every coin, life wouldn’t be very dynamic. We don’t exist outside of everyone else. Our lens isn’t the “correct” lens purely because it is our lens. People aren’t slaves to our every thought or intent solely because we want it so. Maybe your email wasn’t as clear as you thought. Maybe that person in front of you is having the worst day of her life and that is why she’s walking a little slow. Maybe someone simply forgot to write you back because he was busy or his wife was pregnant or his loan application on a house got denied. Let's Pump Our Brakes Taking a deep breath and putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes doesn’t mean we are being soft or letting someone off the hook, it means that we are being human. Taking six deep breaths before you react to anything that annoys you will change your life, I promise. We’re all trying to coexist. We won’t all get it right the first time and we aren’t going to agree on everything, but if we can just take a moment and realize that our prism isn’t the only prism refracting the light of the world, we’d be more understanding to everyone around us. And to the lovely folks who work for TSA at PDX, my apologies for the looks and huffs I gave early on Sunday morning. I’m an idiot.


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