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The Luxury Of Dreams

  1. The sacrifices people have made to help me get to where I’m at

  2. The people who continue to remind me that I still have a ways to go

  3. The fact that I have the ability to chase my dreams I want to focus on that last one, in particular. I’m a member of the fortunate few (and if you’re reading this, you’re probably a member too) who can chase their dreams. Whether we actually chase them is up to each one of us, but make no mistake about it, we wholeheartedly can. That humbles me. The majority of the planet only gets one choice, one door to choose from, and that’s usually the door that leads to them fighting for their next meal. They don’t have the same educational, technological and societal resources afforded to them to open up the plethora of choice that we have in front of us, let alone what might be behind doors number two and three. Yet, everyday we get up, we’re handed the Plate of Opportunities. If opportunities were doors, we would be standing next to one in a House of Mirrors; infinite possibilities as far as the eye can see. We needn’t feel guilty for the gifts befit upon us, we just need to be thankful for them. I know all to well that because I have the luxury to chase my dreams, that means others don’t. It's not the most settling thought but it's the way the coin flips sometimes. Embrace the ability to choose. Embrace the ability to aspire. Embrace thefortuitous bounce life took for you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Cherish every second you have with those who support, encourage and facilitate your dreams through love, friendship and kindness. And always be sure to reciprocate that support for those around you. Like a Thanksgiving dinner, dreams are better shared.


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