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Work. Smarter.

  1. One thing I learned

  2. One thing I improved

  3. One thing I enjoyedI “Up Periscope." On the first of every month, I poke my head above water and check in with myself in a Google Doc. I look at all of my Outliner entries  and ask myself: How was business? How was my personal life? What did I do? What went well? What would I like to change? I write for 30 minutes in a google doc after I have reviewed my previous month’s entry. It's crazy how therapeutic and helpful this is when I feel like the wheels are about to fall off of my confidence and drive. I review all my notes/highlights of a particular book in right after I finish reading a book. I do the Kindle “Daily Review” (also on once a day which gives me 30 random highlights I've made from one of the books I’ve read in the past. It's like 30 daily flashcards. Once a week I take at least a 30 minute (agenda free) walk without my phone. How do you learn smarter?


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