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If The Sky Falls

But what are you going to do about it? Any of it. I know these excuses exist because I’ve said about 90% of them at some stage of my life, and probably most of them in my 6 months of unemployment a few years ago. I was down, I felt betrayed by the company I worked for that went bankrupt, and I felt sorry for myself. But somewhere along the way when I was kicking rocks as everyone’s life around me continued, a switch flipped. I wasn’t going to sit there at the yield sign waiting for someone to let me in. I was going to put my blinker on, gain some steam and nudge my way back on to life’s highway. There was no other option.
You will live up to your own expectations. As Ray Lewis recently said, “Effort is between you and you.” But maybe people don’t really understand your exact situation. If people only knew how unlucky you have been, then the world would pour out its sympathy for you. Life isn’t fair, you’re right. But if you’re reading this, the problem is that life has been more fair to you than the vast majority of the rest of the planet, so chances are the world is sympathizing with someone who really needs it instead.
How many pessimists end up desiring the things they fear, in order to prove that they are right? – Robert Mallet You can spend your days convincing everyone that you are a victim or you can get on with it. Both choices take effort and both are centered around you. But only one moves you in the direction you claim you want to go. We all have a project we have put off, pounds we have let hang around, a resume we should have updated, friends we should call back, people we should help, or classes we should sign up for. So do it. Start. Because today will happen whether or not you get out of bed.
If the sky falls, hold up your hands. If you think this is being tough on you, wait until you see what Bruce Lee said. Also,Jared Akers had a great post titled: You Are The Problem that is extremely on point too. What things are holding you back today?


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