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The 3 Worst Words In The English Language

  1. You know you should go running, but you choose not to

  2. You know you should spend more time with your loved ones, but you choose not to

  3. You know you should get out of that relationship, but you choose not to

  4. You know you should not eat that cupcake, but you choose to do so Should comes out when we’re exhausted, when we’ve made too many choices in a given day, when logic isn’t strong enough to trump emotion and when we haven’t put enough thought into our motives. But there’s another reason should rears its ugly head. You know the things youshould be doing to improve yourself in someway, but you are respectedenough by the people around you that you don’t feel the need to do it. Even though I feel better about myself for claiming higher intentions, I’m not going to actually do it (go to gym, put in work, write that copy, refrain from eating junk food) because my friends and family already respect me and like me enough that it’s not worth fighting the iceberg of change. Why should I go out on the limb of sacrifice & vulnerability when I can just acknowledge that it would be beneficial if I did? Shame on you, should. Shame on you. What are the words you find most toxic in your life?


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