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Why I’m Traveling Overseas For 2 Months

You Define The Rules Of Your Life Many of us tell ourselves that we’ll do something when we’ve made enough money or that we wish we did something that allowed us to travel more. But the truth is honest and candid: You make of this life what you want. For all those who tell me, “I wish I had your life,” in response to hearing about my trip, I can quite confidently say, “No you don’t.” What is typically meant by anyone who says, “I wish I had your life” usually means, “I wish I had all of the things I perceive to be luxurious about your life without having to do, or in fact know what it took to have said luxury.” I can assure you that my life is not that grand, sexy, or enviable, but it is mine. It’s the one I’ve created and I’m proud of that. I have patiently and painstakingly carved out a lifestyle over the years that has allowed me to take a trip like this. I’ve fallen into the trap of comparing myself to others and wishing I had what they had, but we should never wish to have any life other than our own because doing so only takes us out of our realities and what we need to do to improve them. Don’t live in the shadows and the mirrors of what someone else is doing. Figure out who you want to be and what kind of a life you want to live and start moving in that direction, ever so slowly.

Bon Voyage! I have been “on” for the better part of 7 days a week for the past year but being “on” isn’t the only option I have. This trip is me raising a glass to turning it “off” for a little while and recharging my batteries along the way. So off I go on my mini-retirement. I’ll still be writing but I apologize if my posts and response times are a little less than stellar over the next 7 weeks. I hope you can sympathize with my yearning for wanderlust and my need to leave my comfort zone. What break are you scheduling for yourself in the upcoming future, even if it's for a day or weekend? How are you turning things “off”?


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